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You Can Experience this relaxing low key environment with a:

1 on 1 Massage Session or Couples session with a Licensed Massage Therapist

Reflexology with foot soaking/scrubbing station available as well.

Certain Services Only provided by Certain LMTs. Please check out their Service Menu when booking.

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April News!

New Services, New Packages, New Hours

Same great prices...

Starting this Month both Nickie & Angelle will be offering new services.

Angelle recently took a 2nd level reflexology course. 

Unlike traditional massage. Reflexology is more about applying pressure to points in the feet to help promote healing and improve balance within the body. Reflexology can boost the immune system.

 1 hr session $75

She is also offering mobile massage for events. Must be a minimum of 5 people. Chair or Table bookings available. 

Call for pricing and booking. 985-772-2937

Nickie has now graduated to a Licensed Healthcare Practitioner

Specializing in Pain Management Options and Bodycare Services.

Now offering 

 Post Op. Lymphatic Massage packages.

Vacutherapy Treatments 

Medi Cupping

These can be used as an add on, full body session, or focused area treatments. 

This machine is different from a standard massage because instead of compressing muscles we are lifting and separating the muscles to help draw blood, oxygen and other nutrients to the injured areas.  This allows for the muscles, body fluids, joints & organs to move & operate better, increases ROM and even helps sedate the nervous system. It is great for many different ailments 

For maximum benefits a series of sessions would be Best.

These treatments are great for:

 Breaking up Scar Tissue 

Edema- restricted lymphatic flow & circulation

Inflammation of joints and tissue

Pain & Restriction of movement

Tightened or hardened soft tissue.

Magnetic Muscle Therapy sessions. 

Used to help alkaline the music tissue by using polar magnets to de-charge and balance out our positive and negative cells in our bodies. 

Meaning this helps break up inflammation in the body and give an overall feeling of well-being. 

Hours of Operation are Now

9am-5pm Monday-Friday

9a-2pm Saturdays


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